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Together for the quality of the early childhood education


Atfale wants to :

  • Contribute actively to the advancement of early childhood pre-school care and education by engaging with all stakeholde
  • Develop a conceptual view of education which respects the rights and needs of the child, as well as takes into consideration the socio-cultural environment
  • Engage in introducing educational innovations into existing pre-school institutions.• Working towards the more general establishment of institutions in least privileged regions
  • Lobby for the strengthening of institutional and organisational capacity building in the pre-school sector
  • Organise and realise vocational and sensitizing trainings for stakeholders in education, on a train the trainer basis
  • Sensitize parents to the importance of quality in child-care from an early age on
  • Contribute to the advancement of research, action and publication in the area of pre-school education and early childhood