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Together for the quality of the early childhood education

Who are we ?


Atfale (Alliance de Travail dans la Formation et l’Action pour l’Enfance) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation engaging in research and action. We work towards the development of good quality education for all children at pre-school age, especially for those in underprivileged areas of Morocco. 

Atfale was founded in 1986. At the beginning Atfale focussed on the institutionalisation of pre-school education. Today action is oriented towards the improvement of quality in care and education for young children, both within the family and in pre-school institutions.

Atfale has trained hundreds of educators, coming from all types of pre-school institutions: coranic pre-school institutions, kindergartens, school[school-like]-groups installed in urban areas, in the outskirts of the big cities, as well as in the countryside.
We have been able to do this work thanks to the constant support of Bernard Van Leer Foundation (an international foundation that supports the realisation of activities for the benefit of under-privileged children all over the world).

At the beginning Atfale consisted of a group of academics in the area of action-research at the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Rabat. In 1996 this association took on the status of non-governmental organisation, in order to embark on more and diverse activities, to sensitize civil society to the importance of care and education for young children, and to develop networks for exchange.